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One of the most effective ways of getting rid of obstructions in your energy and bad states of wellbeing.

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Shuem Shamanic Training

Would you like to learn Shamanic techniques like working with elemental energies, entities and spirits, understanding the use of magical and spiritually charged objects… and more?

Besides Healing, Shuem’s core mission is teaching gifted students (students with a sensitivity and inclination to the Other realms of experience) the appropriate techniques and methods to make use of these energies effectively for Healing and Wellbeing.

Personal, positive and transformative

Shuem Healing Journeys

For millennia, the people of Bali have explored and perfected the art of healing and connection through beautiful rituals, festivals, prayers and devotional care of holy places. Their aesthetic devotion is palpable and encompasses every aspect of daily life.

Bali offers a strong healing influence and a chance to reconnect for those who are willing to open up and surrender to the profound power found on the island.

Tap into an authentic culture with

Retreats with Connection to Ancient Wisdom

Bali is a magical island where people still live with a deep respect for the sanctity of life. The culture has a strong and natural focus on creating harmony with the Gods, the people and the environment.

This devotion, is integrated in everyday life, is based on a principle called the Tri Hita Karana which guides every part of traditional Balinese life.

Private Pilgrimage

A private Healing journey into the Heart and Soul of Bali

A fully personalized retreat featuring the most powerful energy centers of Bali under the expert guidance of a lifelong Shaman and Healer Stefan Johannis.

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Healing cleanses you from past traumas and mental patterns.

It allows you to prepare for your future; free of stress and trauma.


Shamanic Training from the Source by Stefan Wils.

Specially for those who feel ‘called’ to a life as a Shamanic Healer.


Powerful transformative Spiritual journeys to Bali.

For those who are willing to start the change NOW

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