Healer Stefan Wils Bali

About Stefan Wils

As a child Stefan was already aware of and naturally connected to that, which most people cannot perceive. Since the adults around him denied the existence of anything not directly tangible Stefan felt lost in a world that seemed to him merely two-dimensional.

Growing up he searched for ways to reconnect to this other realm and after many hard and transformative years he gradually learned to shift his consciousness between the visible and the invisible worlds.

Ultimately, in 1993, he had the great fortune of meeting his spiritual guide and teacher Yoginâm Abbahji.
Through Yoginâm Abbahji Stefan is able to attune to a Blissful State of Being and share this state with those who are looking for more harmony, peace and clarity in  their lives. 

Stefan has performed thousands of Healings and instructed hundreds of students. For many years he was the director, teacher and inspirator of a large Healing Institute in the Netherlands.

As a Healer and teacher Stefan has gained a deep insight into the human psyche. When teaching he does so with integrity, humor and compassion, bringing to light the many hidden processes that move us, unconsciously.

His lessons are empowering and inspirational as well as down to earth, practical by nature and very much in the here and now.
Direct, intens and sometimes confronting, you can feel safe with him knowing that he always has your best interest at heart. 

Currently he lives in Bali, Indonesia.

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