private pilgrimage

focussed on illness & health

Definition of health:
the condition of being sound in body, mind, or spirit

Many people suffer from problems related to health, whether physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. An unhealthy state consumes much of your energy and attention.

Although the complaints can originate from different causes, like DNA, lifestyle, trauma, neglect, injuries and many others, the results can be very detrimental to your state of being and joy in life.

In this special pilgrimage retreat we will focus our attention on getting better in the widest sense possible.

We perform healing sessions at sacred places and temples which have been used for thousands of years with the same purpose.

We will visit various traditional Balinese healers, each with their own speciality. Besides there are many traditional natural remedies (jamu) for many complaints.

In the afternoon we will work on our conscious and unconscious patterns and belief systems that have a direct impact on your health and how you perceive and deal with that.

Exclusive Private Pilgrimage on Health and Health related problems

Does life confront you with health challenges? And would you like to counter these issues in a holistic, deeply transformative manner? This private pilgrimage on Health and Health related issues offers the opportunity to really make a change. In body, mind, soul and spirit.

This pilgrimage entails a 9-day programme including:

  • Private Healing sessions and relaxation
  • Traditional Jamu medicine (to drink every day)
  • Visit to Sacred Waterfall Temple for Melukat ritual. ‘Melukat?? is derived from the word ?Lukat? which means: to clean or purify and letting go, or to let go of old negative-emotions, -experiences and -attitudes through a religious ritual.
  • Exercises and training for programming and deprogramming your beliefs and attitudes towards health
  • Melukat ritual in the River Temple
  • Three visits to a traditional Balinese healer of 86 years, magic at it?s best
  • Traditional Balinese massage
  • Melukat ritual at a special but not well known age-old temple
  • Kecac performance: an epic story from the Ramayana, performed by approximately 100 chanting and dancing men, all? from one village
  • Optional: visit to a natural sauna with saltwater pool
  • Melukat ritual and blessing in one of the oldest and most important temples of Bali
  • Lunches in different beautiful and special places of Bali
  • Optional: Vedic Chart Reading or Psychic Card Reading for insight in yourself and future tendencies, with advice on how to deal with these in the best way possible.

Price: 2495US$ p.p


  • airport pick up and drop off,
  • 3* hotel, breakfast,
  • traditional Balinese lunches,
  • transport with private car and driver,
  • entry fees,
  • offerings,
  • healings,
  • instruction,
  • Self help program,
  • rituals,
  • use of ritual dress.

(air ticket not included)

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