private pilgrimage

relationship renewal

Giving your relationship a new chance, to relight the fire of love and to create intimacy

This pilgrimage program is build around 3 topics that play a big, and often disturbing role in any relationship.

When you experience hard times in your relationship, in general it is not that the love is not there. It’s just that disturbing programs, fear, pain, frustration, projections, expectations etc get between you and the other. Many times resulting in a situation in which the love that is there can not be experienced anymore

So, the first topic is seeing the relationship in a clear and undisturbed way and clearing up the mess that is between you and the other ( disturbing feelings, thoughts, opinions and judgements) and learning how to open communicate with each other in a loving and respectful way

The second topic is about sexuality, which is in general ?the battlefield? of the relationship? Disturbing attitudes, opinions, old pain, fear, guilt, expectations etc stand in the way of also relating in a loving sexual way, it is not about the perfect sexual relationship, but about intimacy of which sexuality is one of the expressions

the third topic is about forgiving yourself and the other

There?s a famous quote that goes:

?Holding onto resentment is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.?

In practicing forgiveness, people are able to break a cycle that so many couples get into?an ongoing, destructive back and forth where?no one really wins.

Most people in relationships know what it?s like to quietly build a case against a partner, cataloging each and every mistake the person makes until they appear to us as a caricature of themselves. This distortion can injure and undermine your warm and loving feelings for your partner.

By forgiving, you are accepting the reality of what happened and finding a way to live in a state of resolution with it.

Forgiving the other and forgiving yourself

Forgiveness isn?t just about retaining harmony in your relationship; it?s also about being kind to yourself. If you?re not careful, anger can eat away at you and even affect your attitude towards relationships in the future, making you feel more defensive or untrusting.

This program is not about me telling you what you should do. By opening up and exploring, you will have a direct personal experience, which is beyond words

For people not being able to get pregnant there is a special visit and ritual in a temple, specially for this purpose

Exclusive Private Pilgrimage on Love and Relationships

Would you like to find a way to find peace with death, dying and mourning? Whether by being confronted with the death of a loved one, or as an investigation you somehow cannot dismiss anymore? The island of Bali offers one of the best places on earth to really transform your relationship with this theme we are all confronted with sooner or later.

In this exclusive private pilgrimage you are supported in Letting Go and finding peace of mind and at the same time acknowledging all feelings present.

This pilgrimage entails a 9-day programme including:

  • Visit to Sacred Waterfall Temple to perform a Melukat ritual. Melukat?? is derived from the word ?Lukat? which means: to clean or purify and letting go, or to let go of old negative-emotions, -experiences and -attitudes through a religious ritual.
  • Visit to and ritual at the Love Temple
  • Special exercises to get insight in love, relationships and intimacy.
  • Visit to traditional Balinese healer of 86 years old – magic at its best.
  • Melukat ritual in the River Temple a special but not well known age-old temple
  • Visit to natural sauna with saltwater pool
  • Lunches at beautiful spots like the famous rice terraces (Unesco World Heritage Site), at the black sand beach and in a traditional Balinese restaurant.
  • Famous Kecac performance: an epic story from the Ramayana, performed by approximately 100 chanting and dancing men, all? from one village.
  • A Vedic Chart Reading or Psychic Card Reading for insight in yourself and future tendencies, with advice on how to deal with these in the best way possible.
  • Private Healing session, relaxation and departure.

Price: 2495US$ p.p


  • airport pick up and drop off,
  • 3* hotel, breakfast,
  • traditional Balinese lunches,
  • transport with private car and driver,
  • entry fees,
  • offerings,
  • healings,
  • instruction,
  • Self help program,
  • rituals,
  • use of ritual dress.

(air ticket not included)

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