Cemeti Ali (The whip of Ali)

Maker: Custom made

Power: strongly protective, Healing power.
Keeps its bearer, his/her house and family safe. Protects from negative influences, Black Magic, witch craft; cures the possessed.

Neutralizes and cleanses the body from any negative energy. Brings luck and attracts positive energy.  Enhances ESP perception, memory and concentration. Increases self confidence, power, authority.

*Maintenance: when treated with respect it does not require any special rituals.  Rub with alcohol free fragrant oil once a week. 



Size: different sizes, from approximately 1 x 3 cm up to 2 x 7 cm.
Made of : metal, bone. Holds a Rajah – a Magical Spell.
Wearable as pendant.

Origin: Banjar People, Kalimantan, Borneo, Indonesia.
Condition: new, custom made.
The maker not only creates the Cemeti Ali with the strongest of Intents, but also adds a Khodam, a benevolent spirit – tailored to your needs and personality – which will help you.

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