Civet Head

Maker: LP. Pinak

Power: protects against bad influences, changes bad luck into good luck, attracts wealth, brings prosperity (good for business), gives and attracts generosity and loving kindness, brings happiness.


Size: 11,5 cm long, 3 cm diameter
Materials: carved bone, Thai rubies.
Inside the amulet are inserted a thin copper plate inscribed with Holy Mantra’s by Master Pinak.
Wearable as pendant or at the waist.
Origin: Thailand
Condition: very good


Thai Buddha Amulets by Luang Por Pinak.

Made by one of Thailand’s greatest meditation masters of all time. 

While living as a forest monk for over 42 years he learned the ‘Wiccha’ (magic) that enabled him to create some of the most powerful amulets ever made.

Having built 30 temples, he also accumulated a lot of merits (‘Boon’) which is another factor that leads to the ability of creating good amulets.

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