A Healing Journey on an Enchanted Island

Illness and Health Retreat in Bali

Guided by your personal Shaman with 35+ years of experience

Illness and Health Retreat

‘ You’ll be surprised how quickly the universe moves, once you’ve decided ..’

Bali truly is a magical island, where people still live with a deep belief in the sacredness of life.
For millennia, the people of Bali have explored and perfected the art of Healing and connecting to their Gods through beautiful rituals, festivals, prayers and devotional care of their holy places.

Their aesthetic devotion is palpable and encompasses every aspect of daily life. In addition, Bali is a volcanic island, which means that there is a lot of extra energy available: gentle, feminine, but very powerful. The Shaman shares this deep connection with the island and is able to make use of its energy for Healing.

By organising Private Retreats on Bali we create an opportunity for you to immerse yourself into this amazing culture and – under the personal guidance of the Shaman – undergo the transformative influence of this beautiful island.

‘Health: the condition of being sound in body, mind, and spirit’

When you are experiencing health problems it can be hard to enjoy life.
You feel limited by your body and dealing with pain and discomfort saps your energy.

In this special Illness and Health Retreat the major focus will be on reconnecting to,
cleansing and Healing the body so you’ll be both physically and emotionally in the most optimal state possible.

Many of us suffer from problems related to our health – whether physically, emotionally , mentally or spiritually.

Complaints can originate in many different causes -DNA, lifestyle, trauma, neglect, injuries to name a few – and often greatly reduce our ability to fully enjoy life.
Not being healthy simply consumes most of our energy.

For those who struggle with their health – or lack there off – and wish to reclaim their vitality we offer a special Private Health Retreat in which the focus will be on ‘getting well’ – in the widest sense possible.

As your health and the health problems you experience are of a highly individual nature, the program will be tailored towards your own personal needs:
the specific kind of Healings you require, the kind of exercises that are the most beneficial to you and even the different places you will visit.
In the process your health will improve considerably and you will leave feeling well balanced, open and vibrant.  It will have a profound and lasting effect on your health and general sense of Well Being.

Participate in Healing sessions at the sacred places and holy temples in Bali which have been used for exactly this purpose for thousands of years .. Each temple with its own special vibration and purpose.

Visit a traditional Balinese spirit medium, with her own specialty (see special video about the difference between a priest, a medium and a shaman,…link……………………………

Reshape your conscious and subconscious patterns and belief systems by working with an energetic self-help system that will allow you to be more in contact with your soul, mind and body.

This will have an immediate impact on your health and on how you perceive it and deal with it and will greatly reduce your (feelings of) dependency on others.

Support your body with traditional natural remedies like ‘Jamu’ which for centuries have been crafted and used for all kinds of ailments in Indonesia.

Allow yourself to care for yourself – and to be cared for – with beautiful surroundings,
lovingly prepared and nurturing food, massage, leisure time at the pool and the amazing culture of the Balinese people.

Feel safe and supported by the compassionate and insightful guidance of the shaman,
who will help you letting go of old believe systems and attachments that hinder you in being in the most optimal state possible.

The Bali Retreats are bespoke and private, (no outside people join us, although you can come with your partner or friends)., meaning they are tailored to your needs and wishes.
You will be taken to the most powerful Healing places on the island under the guidance of the Shaman, who has more then 30 years of experience in Healing and teaching
and who knows the Balinese culture, religion and customs intimately.He speaks Indonesian, English, Deutsch and Nederlands. He is befriended with many priests at the temples and is accepted as a shaman.


Every day you will get a healing in one of the healing-temples in Bali
(you don’t have to be religious or believe in God in order to benefit from going to a temple),

The ritual in the temple is called melukat, which means to purify and heal oneself.
Stefan will perform the healings and will guide you through the process.

All of that on the lush and mystical island of Bali where smiles are genuine.

Daily schedule

DAY 1 :
Arrival, welcome lunch or dinner, great Indonesian food.
private Healing session and relaxation.

DAY 2 :
Morning: Visiting the Sacred Waterfall Temple for the Melukat ritual.(The Indonesian meaning or ‘melukat’ is “to let go” or release something within us).
Lunch Evening: Exploring and transforming the (sub)conscious programs of our beliefs and attitudes towards health.

DAY 3:
Morning: Visiting a river healing temple.
Lunch. Evening: Exploring the (sub)conscious programs of our beliefs and attitudes towards health and transforming them.

DAY 4:
Morning: Melukat ritual in themost revered healing Temple in Bali
Afternoon: Balinese massage.

DAY 5:
Morning: Visiting another healing temple
Lunch. Evening Exploring the (sub)conscious programs of our beliefs and attitudes towards health and transforming them.

DAY 6: 
Morning: Melukat ritual at a special but not well known temple.
Evening session with Balinese spirit medium

DAY 7:
Morning: Visiting a healing temple
Lunch at the famous rice terraces of Tegalalang (Unesco World Heritage Site).
Evening: healing session

DAY 8: 
Morning: Melukat ritual and Blessing by the head priest at a sea temple.
Evening healing session

DAY 9: 
Private Healing session, relaxation and departure.


About Mbah Mitro, Stefan

About Stefan Wils:

As a child Stefan was already aware of and naturally connected to that, which most people cannot perceive. Since the adults around him denied the existence of anything not directly tangible Stefan felt lost in a world that seemed to him merely two-dimensional.
Growing up he searched for ways to reconnect to this other realm and after many hard and trans formative years he gradually learned to shift his consciousness between the visible and the invisible worlds.

Ultimately, in 1993, he had the great fortune of meeting his spiritual guide and teacher Yoginâm Abbahji. Through Yoginâm Abbahji Stefan is able to attune to a Blissful State of Being and share this state with those who are looking for more harmony, peace and clarity in  their lives.

Stefan has performed thousands of Healings and instructed hundreds of students. For many years he was the director and inspirator of a large Healing Institute in the Netherlands.

All healing, classes and retreats are provided by Stefan Wils. He has been active as a healer for 30 years and works from the inspiration of Yoginâm Abbahjí.

Over the years he has conducted thousands of sessions for the benefit of clients and students. In the Netherlands he had a center for healing and training for a long time, where many hundreds of people were received and could stay.

When he met Yoginâm Abbahji, his spiritual guide, his life changed to a much greater state of well-being. Through his association with Yoginâm Abbahji he is able to attune to a very harmonious state of being and can share this state with people who are looking for more harmony, peace, love and healing in their lives.

In addition to working from the inspiration of Yoginâm, Stefan is also a traditional Indonesian dukun (magician/healer, white magic only), selected by the local spirits and deities in Indonesia. Probably the only European who was actually initiated into this.
Accompanied by a dukun in Java and recognized by the locals as a traditional dukun/balian.

The combination of Eastern magic and Western background makes him able to translate and explain the very specific Indonesian magic to Western people.

Indonesian magic has a very wide range of applications; healing, love and relationships, happiness, influencing situations, removing black magic (santet) etc.

Currently he lives in Bali, Indonesia and speaks, English, Deutsch, Nederlands and Indonesian.

As a Healer and teacher Stefan is directly connected to knowledge and power coming from another source.
Having led a turbulent life himself he gained a deep insight into the human psyche, which, if anything, taught him compassion.

When teaching, he does so with humor and integrity, bringing to light the many hidden processes that move us, unconsciously.

His lessons and guidance are empowering and inspirational as well as down to earth, practical by nature and very much in the here and now.
Direct, intens and sometimes confronting, you can feel safe with him knowing that he always has your best interest at heart.

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‘ You’ll be surprised how quickly the universe moves, once you’ve decided ..’

In these exclusive 9-day retreats you will follow an intensive Healing trajectory tailored to your life and circumstances.


Practical Information

Duration: 9 Days

Price: 3250,- US$ p.p.

What’s included:

  • Airport pick up by private car.
  • Welcome Lunch or dinner (vegan and/or vegetarian optional).
  • Transport with private air conditioned car and personal driver.
  • Entry fees, offerings and use of ritual dress.
  • Private Healing, Instruction and Self-Help program.

In the direct vicinity of his house there are ample accommodation choices, starting from usd 10,- per night for a 3* room, luxurious accommodation is available for who wants that.
we can help you making a good choice.

Allow yourself to care for yourself – and to be cared for – with beautiful surroundings, lovingly prepared and nurturing food, massage, leisure time at the pool and the amazing culture of the Balinese people.

Feel safe and supported by the compassionate and insightful guidance of Stefan,
who will help you letting go of old believe systems and attachments that hinder you in being in the most optimal state possible.

Practical Details



“This is a profound training that changed my life. Stefan is the real deal and shares his knowledge and techniques in an intimate, effective way.”


“The program offers the right balance between healing, meditation and relaxation. The island is wonderful, Stefan takes you to the most magical places, often only known to the local population.”

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