A Healing Journey on an Enchanted Island

Personal Healing Retreat in Bali

Guided by your personal Shaman with 35+ years of experience

Rediscover the magic, reconnect, and transform…

Be embraced by the Sacred healing energy

Bali truly is a magical island, where people still live with a deep belief in the sacredness of life. For millennia, the people of Bali have explored and perfected the art of Healing and connecting to their Gods through beautiful rituals, festivals, prayers, and devotional care of their holy places. Their aesthetic devotion is palpable and encompasses every aspect of daily life.

Harnessing Extraordinary Energy

Additionally, Bali is a volcanic island, which means that there is a lot of extra energy available: gentle, feminine, but very powerful. The Shaman shares this deep connection with the island and is able to make use of its energy for Healing.

Private Healing Retreats in Bali

By organizing Private Retreats on Bali, we create an opportunity for you to immerse yourself in this amazing culture and – under the personal guidance of the Shaman – undergo the transformative influence of this beautiful island.

Personalized Healing Experiences

Just think: do you want to start with a clean slate and leave the past behind? Rediscover the magic of life and allow for more love, power, and peace in yourself? When you experience a lot of conflict, are overwhelmed by your problems, or feel disconnected from yourself and others, it can be hard to fully enjoy life. The Shaman can help you regain your balance.

Tailored Healing Programs

The Bali Retreats are bespoke and private, tailored to your needs and wishes. You will be taken to the most powerful Healing places on the island under the guidance of the Shaman, who has more than 30 years of experience in Healing and teaching.

Shamanic Healing Program Details

The program includes daily healings in Bali’s healing temples, regardless of religious beliefs. The ritual in the temple, called Melukat, focuses on purifying and healing oneself. Stefan, the Shaman, will perform these healings and guide you through the process.

Retreat Itinerary Highlights

Here’s a glimpse of what your retreat days might look like:

Day 1: Arrival, welcome lunch or dinner, evening Healing session at the shaman’s private temple.
Day 2: Visiting the Sacred Waterfall Temple for the Melukat ritual, evening Healing session.
Day 3: Visiting a river healing temple, evening Healing session.
Day 4: Melukat ritual in the most revered healing temple in Bali, evening Healing session.
Day 5: Visiting another healing temple, evening Healing session.
Day 6: Melukat ritual at a special temple, evening session with a Balinese spirit medium.
Day 7: Visiting a healing temple, evening Healing session.
Day 8: Melukat ritual and Blessing by the head priest at a sea temple, evening Healing session.
Day 9: Private Healing session and departure.

About Stefan Wils: Your Guide and Shaman

Stefan Wils, with over 30 years of experience, is your dedicated healer and guide. He has a deep understanding of the human psyche and compassionately leads healing sessions, meditation, and training sessions. His teachings are empowering, inspirational, and practical.

Program Inclusions and Pricing

The 9-day retreat includes airport pick-up, meals, transport, entry fees, private Healing sessions, and more, all for 3250 USD per person. Accommodations nearby range from affordable to luxurious, catering to your preferences.

Book a Free Personal Video Call

Would you like to learn more or have questions about the Shamanic Healer Training? Book a free Personal Video Call with Stefan to discuss your journey and experience firsthand the transformative potential of these retreats.

*Note: Attention to women having their period is essential as they are not allowed to enter the temples during that time. Please plan accordingly.*

Practical Details



“This is a profound training that changed my life. Stefan is the real deal and shares his knowledge and techniques in an intimate, effective way.”


“The program offers the right balance between healing, meditation and relaxation. The island is wonderful, Stefan takes you to the most magical places, often only known to the local population.”

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