Restoring the balance

No – one goes through life unscathed; we all, at one point in time, encounter events or people that cause us to be miserable and sad. It is part of what it means to be a human being.

However, sometimes these feelings are too overwhelming or persistant and effect your life in a negative manner. You are unhappy, not living in harmony with yourself and the people around you and unable to deal with the problems in your life by yourself.
A Shuem Shamanic Healing can help you, to regain your balance and rediscover joy and happiness again.

Shuem Shamanic Healing

The ritual

The Healer performs a ritual; during this ritual a very powerful and loving energy is generated in which Healing can take place.
Often people are aware of the shift in energy during the Healing and a soothing calm or a feeling of joy or strenght arises. Sometimes people are not aware of the procedure, but gradually start to feel better, without being able to state precisely what happened.
Almost always a Shu’em Shamanic Healing is acknowledged as a change on an existential level as it puts an end to a long period of pain, fear and insecurity.

Within this form of Healing, understanding, consciously processing, or reliving a trauma is superfluous. When a trauma has recovered at the “Soul” level, your entire psyche will automatically adjust to the new condition.

You can see this reflected in your life as both inner and outer events will not disturb you in the way they did and you will find that it is easier to stay unaffected.

As life responds to this new balance, often new chances in life open up.

Soul Loss and Soul Theft

Emotional and psychological problems:

Emotional and psychological problems mostly originate in what Shamans call ‘Soul’, the subconscious. In daily life we are hardly aware of these subconscious fields but do experience its consequences.

When you have had a traumatic experience that was too shocking to handle, or when your ability to rationalize the experience is not yet developed (as with young children), the only way to deal with it, is to ‘isolate’ the experience.
The experience and its associated feelings are pushed away and you build a wall around it by adopting a defensive attitude in life, like being overly shy, frightenend or aggressive.

This is an automatic and unconscious survival mechanism.

As a result, you no longer experience the pain directly, but in it’s protected position it continues to send the same signals of pain, sadness and disstress.

This can be very disturbing, especially when it comes to early childhood isolations.

Part of the feeling gets stuck in the experience of the small child and in situations that unknowingly remind you of this past experience, you suddenly react like a child.

This is called “dissociation” in psychology.
Shamans call this soul-loss (literally: loss of soul or feeling), because you have lost the conscious use of a part of your soul, or feeling experience.

Some causes that lead to soul loss in children are:

  • A problematic or unhappy childhood
  • A change of scenery at a young age
  • A difficult birth
  • Separation from the mother as a child (eg hospital, crèche)
  • Difficult family circumstances
  • Divorce
  • The death of a parent or significant other
  • Physical (sexual) abuse
  • Emotional blackmail.

Some causes of soul-loss later in life:

  • Illness
  • Accidents
  • Chronic stress
  • Loss of a loved one
  • Traumatic divorce
  • Disturbed relationships
  • Pent-up frustrations

Symptoms that are often caused by soul loss:

  • An inexplicable and deep sense of frustration and lack of strenght
  • Feelings of inferiority
  • Depressions
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Fears and phobias
  • Panic
  • Hypersensitivity to others or situations
  • Obsessions, obsessive behavior
  • Inappropriate behavior
  • Inability to make or maintain contact
  • Loneliness
  • Some forms of criminal behavior
  • A tendency to addiction (drugs, sex, work, food etc.)
  • And some forms of psychosis

Soul theft

A special form of soul-loss is the so-called “Soul theft” (literally: theft of the soul or feeling). In most cases Soul-theft takes place by the mother or by a partner, who claims part of the feeling (soul).

Usually this takes the form of emotional domination (blackmail) of one over the other.
For the “thief”, this always involves an attempt to compensate for his or her own soul loss. Women are looking for compensation in Soul-theft for their own soul-loss, especially with their children. Men mostly seek compensation in an (over-) activity or in an addiction.

A relationship in which Soul-theft plays a role is always problematic and heavily burdened by conflicting feelings of shame, guilt, duty, dependency, frustration, emotional blackmail, love and hate. Another characteristic is that none of the people involved is happy with the relationship, but is unable to change it.
Even after the death of one of the partners, a situation of Soul-theft persists.


Sometimes you are in contact with people that make you feel very tired.
This is caused by influences, that are the result of communication in feeling (soul) and that you unknowingly register. This unconscious communication is a natural aspect of life. However, if the (negative) influence is too strong and you are weakened by stress, illness or soul-loss, it can become a psychological problem.

The Shaman can help you to better deal with the influences that you unconsciously register. This can be done through Healing, but is also a major focus point in the Shamanic Healer Training and workshops.
By acquiring power and focus, impressions and influences have less control over you. It is advisable to regularly “clean” yourself from all influences, especially if you live or work in a stressful environment, meet many people in need or are recovering from a long-term illness or traumatic experience.

Black Magic

In some cultures there is a tradition in which specific negative influences are consciously directed at others. This is usually called “black magic.”
These influences can have a strong and lasting impression and can be very dangerous. It is therefore important to remove the influence so that the system can restore itself.

Often recurring Symptoms

  • Inexplicable fatigue
  • Development of tumors
  • Cara
  • Pressure on certain body parts
  • Rheumatism
  • Infections
  • Headaches
  • Persistent bad luck
  • Inability to engage in social or intimate contacts
  • Indecision
  • Recurring daydreams
  • Disturbing inner voices
  • Schizophrenia and the Multiple Personality Syndrome

In the case of Black Magic it is strongly advised to call in the help of an expert (e.g. a Shaman or priest).


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