“This is a profound training that changed my life. Stefan is the real deal and shares his knowledge and techniques in an intimate and effective way. I cannot wait to do part 2 and 3”


“This is a trip that I would recommend to everyone, if you have the possibility you should just do this! 
Cleansing and harmonizing emotions were points of focus in this retreat, I can say afterwards. There was not a theme in advance, I went in open and without expectations. It was very nice to experience that exactly that is touched where the deepest need lies. You do not even have to be so aware of that. It just happens and continues in a natural process. 

Stefan is there to lead you in the right direction. The healings of Stefan and the Balinese priests and healers are very powerful. There was a constant feeling of softness in everything. It seems like you are being taken in by the island, this has helped me open up to multiple moments of deep transformation. This is the essence that I took home.

The program offers the right balance between healing, meditation and relaxation. The island is wonderful, Stefan takes you to the most magical places, often only known to the local population.

I felt very welcome, am grateful for the unconditional commitment and proximity of Stefan and his wife Hester. This year I will go again!”


“I joined Stefan Wils for about a week visiting certain temples, local healers and other special places near Ubud.  It was a wonderful experience to participate in some of the powerful rituals such as the water cleansing ‘Melukat’, and to gain a better understanding of some very old spiritual practices in Bali.

Stefan was a great guide throughout this week: he is well connected to the local priests and healers, and knowledgeable and respectful concerning the local ‘adat’.
I would definitely recommend contacting him when you’re visiting Bali.”


“When I was in Bali I spent 3 days with Stefan. He took me to 3 beautiful places to perform traditional Balinese rituals. 

The energy in all the 3 places was special and strong. Stefan guided me through every step of the ritual with clear instructions and stayed with me all the time. During the Balinese rituals Stefan also preformed shamanic healing at the same time. 

Extensive talking about the reason to ask for healing is not necessary. Stefan did not even ask about it at all. He already knows how he can help you. 

He arranged all the practicalities like transportation, offerings and ritual clothing if necessary.”

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