The value of Shamanism for the Western world


Shamanism is the most ancient way of Healing and spiritual development known to mankind

Having existed all over the world in many different traditional cultures, many associate it with Native Americans, bear skins, exotic rites and other customs that don’t have meaning in our Western way of life. However, these are the shapes of each and every particular culture and relate directly to the environment it developed in. They are not its essence. 

Personal experience
Shamanism is the individual search for personal knowledge and power and consists of bridging the imaginary gap between the material world and the world of inspiration.

Shamanism has no dogmas, there is no organization, there are no religious articles and it is not a religion. It is a form of spiritual development that is free from predetermined expectations and regulations. Shamans are very practical and are not hampered by established world-views and beliefs. They start from what they experience and not from what others tell them to believe.

A Shaman directly confronts the Great Mystery, and that great mystery is everywhere; you do not have to live in isolation in the wilderness, it also exists on the fourth floor of a building in the city.

In the western world a clear distinction has been made between the world of matter and  spirituality. Mystics and Shamans have discovered that the two can not be separated and are both aspects of our existence. In essence we are transcendental: although we tend to be mostly focussed on the material world around us, we are connected to many different levels of being.

Expanded consciousness
One of the main characteristics of the Shaman is his ability to make use of altered states of consciousness, in which he perceives the more subtle and subconscious layers of energy patterns, feelings, and communication. In a trance-like state, not only aware of this world but also of other realities, the Shaman can consciously give shape to life.

The causal field  
One of the realities that can be observed in this state is the so-called causal field. This is the layer that unconsciously shapes life: everything that manifests itself in normal reality finds its origin in the causal field.
For example, think of a slide and the projection on the canvas: when you change the slide, the performance on the screen changes as well. 

Shamanic Healing
Shamanic Healing is based on this fact: a Shaman can enter the causal field and make changes to it which will manifest themselves in our everyday reality.

In these deep subconscious levels the roots of our problems can be found and this is where the Shaman is able to Heal and transform them.

Once transformed, our painful experiences and traumas are no longer problematic and can become ‘a memory’ which no longer dominate the way we experience life now.

The use of shamanism in the Western world
Although most people aren’t born to become a Shaman, Shamanic techniques can be taught and used to great benefit.

Attention management and Focus are helpful to be more in the here and now and relish it.

When experiencing many problems in life, a Shamanic Healing can give a deep relief – and often new perspectives and chances in life open up. 

This is the empowering quest that you can be onregardless of your circumstances.



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